See what our clients are saying about Scribble Wall

“The Scribble Wall is truly original. I could have spent all night designing photos! It’s such a great party attraction and makes the photo booth trend fun and exciting again.”     –Preston Bailey

“The scribble wall team made my son’s bar mitzvah an amazing celebration! The kids and adults had such a blast and the creativity was mind blowing!! Thanks to Colin and team for such a memorable event!!”     –Julie K.

“Scribble Wall was excellent and I would highly recommend them for your next event. Such an interactive fun time!!”     –Ashley G.

“Scribble Wall is soooo awesome!!!! I really recommend it!”     –Antonio L.

“I attended a party for The Loft Wine Bar’s second birthday and Scribble Wall was there! They just bought a new 55 inch touchscreen that makes it so easy to interact with your photos! Everyone had a blast taking photos and adding hats, mustaches and words to their photos. The best part was that you could print as many copies as you wanted and even upload them directly to Facebook! The operators are super knowledgeable and extremely friendly so they made the experience with the Scribble Wall even better! It looked like because Scribble Wall was at the party, The Loft got a lot of extra promotion, which makes me want to use this for other company events! Company logos (or event dates for a wedding maybe) can even be added at the bottom of each print!”     –Morgan H.